About Sunny Sky Blue Ohio

I don’t know when I first knew that I wanted to travel.  I was very young I think. My Dad piled Mom and us three kids into the car and drove us from Ohio to Virginia Beach.  Wow.  I thought that was the greatest thing ever.  The minute I became an adult I began traveling on my own.  I was 18 years old (just barely) when I scoured travel guides for information and spent a honeymoon week at Niagara Falls and the Adirondacks. The marriage didn’t last but the urge to travel did. Even in years when there was little money to spare, my daughter and I would take close to home day trips to places like Sea World or the Erie Zoo. After Doc came along the three of us would take 3 weeks each summer and drive across the country to visit his family in Idaho.  We took a different route each time and saw all the sights along the way. Every year, we checked more and more destinations off of our list. We had covered 45 or 46 states when we started crossing the Atlantic.

We can’t always be on vacation and between travels I like to take mini trips — day trips or weekend outings that are within reasonable driving distance from home which will satisfy my need to see new places and do new things. Sunny Sky Blue Ohio is a place for travel stories featuring day trips and weekend outing locations easily reached from Northeast Ohio. Reviews of local restaurants and attractions are posted here as well. But not only do we like to travel, we also like to stay home.  In fact, for people who love to travel so much, we love to stay home just as much (yes, you could call us conflicted!). When we’re at home, we’re often gardening or working on some sort of artistic project and included on this blog are postings of “The Low Maintenance Garden Experiment” and other happenings of daily life in the Northeast Ohio area.

For travel further afield, check out the companion blog: http://www.sunnyskyblue.wordpress.com. Sunny Sky Blue is about all the places we’ve been further afield. In trip reports or photo reviews we hope to give you information that is both useful for other travelers and entertaining for armchair dreamers. You will also find packing lists, restaurant, hotel, attraction and travel product reviews, listings of books related to travel, both non-fiction and fiction set in exotic locales.

I hope all of this will inspire your own travel bug to bite you. When you’re traveling, every day is good. Rain or shine, the day is always sunny sky blue!


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