About Pamela

I have been traveling, gardening, writing, reading, and living an artful life in Northeast Ohio for more years than I want to count and I’ve enjoyed it all — well, most of it anyway.

I’m surrounded by art even at my day job as PR/Marketing Coordinator of  a non-profit, multi-arts facility in Northeast Ohio that features an in-house dance company, an art gallery, two theaters producing community theater productions year round, annual music events and classes/workshops in dance, theater, music and the visual arts. Most of my days are spent designing programs, posters, newsletters, advertisements, brochures, etc. and writing copy for all of the above departments, events and activities.DSCF0647



I’ve traveled independently by car, by cruise ship and/or escorted tour bus. The mode of transportation isn’t really important.  It’s the destination that matters. I travel with my husband Doc always, and occasionally with daughter Amy, son-in-law Bill and two perfect grandsons.  Currently, the top destinations on my bucket list, in no particular order are:  Southeast Asia, Egypt and cruising the Nile, a full transit of the Panama Canal, the West coast countries of South America, Nasa Kennedy Space Center and Sanibel Islands, Florida,  and cruising the Amazon. You can read about my trips further afield at Sunny Sky Blue

Weekend and day trips are an important part of satisfying my need for seeing new places when traveling further afield has to be put off until the next vacation will fit into my work schedule — just like everyone else (except the very lucky).

I studied lots of Botany in college (along with History and English) and love living on two acres of mixed lawn and woodland areas that have been landscaped mostly with stone and brick reclaimed from an old tavern foundation found elsewhere on my property.  I live here with my husband, Doc and our many cats. Doc has planted a variety of trees to accent gardens filled with hosta, ferns, succulents, ground covers and perennials.  I am slowly attempting to convert old flower beds over to shrubs, hostas and other more permanent plantings that require less effort from year to year.

DSCF0828I love arts and crafts, reclaiming attic stores and garage sale finds, and recycling old objects to new uses that will enhance the look of the yard or house.  Art can be found anywhere.  Even among the rafters of my old barn.

And with all that out of the way, let the blogging begin…






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